Within its production plant, IEG has a mechanical workshop that deals with the production of high-quality precision mechanical parts by die-cutting on mechanical and hydraulic presses. Parts can be produced from steel, chrome, brass and copper using the die-cutting-pressing method. We have more than 130 of our own die-cutting tools, along with a machinery park including more than 10 mechanical eccentric presses.

We have the capabilities of die-cutting on mechanical eccentric presses with a force of 10 to 250 tons, forming and deep drawing sheet metal on hydraulic presses with a force of 10 to 600 tons. It also has three automatic die-cutting lines with presses of 10, 60 and 160 tons, with automatic unwinding of the sheet from the coil, straightening of the sheet and controlled loading. By controlled die-cutting process we imply precise measurement of tape loading with a deviation of ±0.05 mm, control of punches and counting of pieces. The daily capacity of the automatic lines depends on the type of tool and the size of the die, from 3,300 units to 10,000 units of the product during one shift.

As part of the mechanical workshop, we have the possibility of cutting sheet metal with hydraulic shears (guillotine) up to 8mm thick and fiber laser cutting with a power of 1.5kw (cutting chrome sheet metal up to ≠8mm, i.e. the possibility of cutting steel sheet thickness up to ≠18mm).

In addition to the mentioned equipment for the production of pieces, we paid special attention to market requirements related to details. Thus, we have included in our machinery park two vibrating machines for finishing products from the world-famous manufacturer Rosler. Every piece produced in the IEG mechanical workshop goes through the processing (finishing) procedure in vibration machines, where the pieces are degreased, cleaned, edge processing and removal of sharp edges is done since a perfect product requires attention to every detail.

Finished pieces that have been brought to perfection are ready for the next production steps, which can be spot welding or capacitive (stud) welding. In order to provide our clients with a full service and reduce handling costs to a minimum, we can also offer:

  • Assembly of pieces, welding of contacts, welding of screws, mounts, holders by the spot welding method (puncturing)
  • That is, welding of mandrels, screws, sleeve with internal thread and nuts by capacitive (stud) welding

In order to justify the shown trust, for our clients with whom we have contracted projects, we can also offer the services of constructing die-cutting tools, making tools, regular maintenance of tools (used in the IEG workshop), and we can also offer the organization of galvanic protection by galvanizing, nickel plating, copper plating by cooperating with verified long-term IEG associates.