Electric heaters for integration into photovoltaic cell systems – solar panels

Following world trends and as a socially responsible company dedicated to preserving ecology and the human environment, and at the same time listening to the needs of end users and installers of photovoltaic cells (solar panels), we have developed a special series of electric heaters for boilers, heat pumps and buffers.


Given that water heaters are one of the largest consumers of electricity in households, we have devoted special attention to the development of this type of electric heater. As photovoltaic cells are more and more common in households and industry, there was a need to adapt electric heaters and the way they are connected to the way they are used in order to maximize the utilization of energy from renewable sources.

Bearing in mind that the radiation of solar energy varies depending on the season, the capacity of the solar power plant changes accordingly. In order for users to have the maximum degree of utilization of energy from a renewable source, we adapted the ways of connecting the heaters and the connection scheme in accordance with the capabilities of the inverter devices. So now electric heaters are supplied with a seven-wire connection cable to allow our automated devices to make automatic connection changes and use the maximum potential.

The mentioned electric heaters can be ordered in several versions:

  1. Without integrated thermoregulation (the heater is controlled by the heat pump electronics)
  2. With integrated thermoregulation (the heater is controlled by a thermostat integrated in the heater connection box)
  3. Three-phase with connection voltage 400V
  4. Three-phase with connection voltage 3x230V (the specified models are not allowed to be used at 400V in the connection scheme of △)
  5. Single-phase with connection voltage 230V (the specified models are not allowed to be used on 400V)
  6. Three-phase power models
    • 3000W (3x1000W)
    • 4500W (3x1500W)
    • 6000W (3x2000W)
    • 7500W (3x2500W)
    • 9000W (3x3000W)
    • 12000W (3x4000W)
    • 15000W (3x5000W)
  7. Single-phase power models
    • 500W
    • 1000W
    • 1500W
    • 2000W
    • 2500W
    • 3000W
    • 3500W
  8. Flange dimensions
    • Električni-grejači-za-integraciju-u-sisteme-fotonaponskih-ćelija-solarnih-panela-2
  9. Connection box
    • Three-phase models IP65
    • Single-phase models IP44
  • Električni-grejači-za-integraciju-u-sisteme-fotonaponskih-ćelija-solarnih-panela-3

With the help of a seven-wire connection cable, it is possible for the heater with a designed power of 6000W (3x2000W) at a connection voltage of 400V (by using different connection schemes) to be converted into a:

  1. Connected in △ (triangle) connection will give its maximum power 6000W
  2. By using individual interphase connections, it can be used separately 2000W + 2000W + 2000W
  3. Connected in a Y (star) connection will give the total power 1980W (3x660W)
  4. Connected in series will give a total power of 666W (3x222W)
  5. Serial connection of two interphase heaters (2x500W) and one single-phase heater (1x660W), will give a total power of 1660W
  6. In parallel connection, two interphase heaters (2x2000W) and one single-phase heater (1x660W), will give a total power of 4660W

Based on the described connection methods, we were given the opportunity to use the output capacity of the solar system in the range from 666W to 6000W.

Below you can see graphically displayed connection schemes for electric heaters with a power of 3000W (3x1000W); 4500W (3x1500W); 6000W (3x2000W); 7500W (3x2500W) and 9000W (3x3000W).


We have not forgotten the users who have smaller systems of solar power plants, for them we have produced single-phase boiler, buffer and heat pump heaters with power from 500W to 3500W.