Heaters for sanitary tanks – large volume boilers

Following market trends and global market development in accordance with environmentally friendly heating and sanitary water heating systems with heat pumps (HVAC systems), we have developed electric heaters for large volume sanitary boilers.

Given that heat pump systems work as low-temperature means of heating water indirectly (through a heat exchanger), the maximum temperature of fluid heating in the exchanger is up to 50-55°C.

In households, hotels or industrial plants where large amounts of sanitary hot water or large amounts of hot water are needed to carry out industrial processes, it is necessary to use additional sources of thermal energy ELECTRIC HEATERS.


The most reliable, simplest, most compatible and cheapest solution are electric heaters, which are divided according to their construction into:

1. Basic large volume sanitary water boiler heater

2. Additional large volume sanitary water boiler heater



Basic large volume sanitary water boiler heater are installed in the lowest zone of the boiler. It is mostly at the place of the water heater inspection opening or at the place provided by the water heater manufacturer and serves to heat the entire volume of the water heater. In order to shorten the time of heating the entire amount of water, additional heaters are added to the basic heaters as an auxiliary means.


Additional large volume sanitary water boiler heater is installed in the central zone of the tank, which is generally located above half of the boiler, so we can say that it is the upper third of the boiler. Considering that the heaters are installed in the upper zone of the water heater, they serve to quickly heat a small amount of water so that users can get hot water in the shortest possible time. Additional heaters also serve as an auxiliary means to the basic electric heaters, given that when the set temperature is reached in the upper zone of the sanitary water heater, the additional electric heater is turned off, and the basic heater continues to work until the set temperature is reached in the lower zone of the water heater.

Graphic representation of the installation places provided for the installation of the basic and additional electric heater for sanitary water heaters:


The basic differences of electric sanitary water boiler heaters are:

1. Connecting voltage:

  • Monophase heaters (connecting voltage 230V AC)
  • Three – phase heaters (connecting voltage 400V AC)


2. Power of heater:

  • Monophase electric heaters are produced in powers of
    • 500W
    • 1000W
    • 1500W
    • 2000W
    • 2500W
    • 3000W
    • 3500W


  • Three – phase electric heaters are produced in powers of
    • 3000W (3x1000W)
    • 4500W (3x1500W)
    • 6000W (3x2000W)
    • 7500W (3x2500W)
    • 9000W (3x3000W)
    • 12000W (3x4000W)
    • 15000W (3x5000W)


elektricni grejaci 1

3. Thermoregulation method

  • Heaters with integrated thermoregulation


  • Heaters without integrated thermoregulation (in these models, the heater is controlled by the heat pump control unit)



4. Level of protection of the connection box

  • IP44
  • IP65


5. Flange sizes



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